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Kaspersky, a developer of antivirus software and security programs, started developing its own operating system KasperskyOS in 2016 and will develop its own App Store in 2021. According to mainland media reports, Kaspersky currently has a test version and is expected to officially launch it in 2024.

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According to reports, KasperskyOS is not only developed by Kaspersky, but also invested by many Russian companies, including MyOffice, Aprotech and Infotex. The profit model of KasperskyOS should be to sell the key of KasperskyOS Security Center to charge.

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Mainland media “Quick Technology” pointed out that Kaspersky’s App Store will allow any developer to submit applications, currently supports third-party operating system connection, but in the future will be limited to KasperskyOS operation, or become a Russian-made closed system.

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