Kaspersky Reveals Dangerous Vulnerabilities in WhatsApp Group Video Call Features

Merdeka.com – Kaspersky has just revealed security risks that may occur with the presence of the joining call feature in the WhatsApp group video call feature. As is known, WhatsApp announced the presence of new capabilities for the group video call feature.

With this capability, a person can join an ongoing group video call, even if he missed it. So, the group video call doesn’t need to be repeated if someone wants to join the conversation.

According to Kaspkersky’s Lead Security Researcher, Victor Chebyshev, WhatsApp itself is not the first application to have this capability. Previously, the same functionality was also available in Microsoft Teams.

“But from a security point of view, the ability to join ongoing calls can increase the risk of eavesdropping,” Victor said in an official statement received on Monday (26/7).

Victor said this could have happened if the attackers were in the same WhatsApp group as the victims, so it wasn’t difficult for them to connect with ongoing calls.

The attackers must need to wait for most of the participants to join and then hope they can participate without being noticed. Attackers also don’t have to sit too long waiting for the call to start, as they can connect at any time.

However, group members especially admins can track participants and ensure that outsiders don’t join. In addition, WhatsApp also guarantees the privacy of exchanges or in groups through the use of end-to-end encryption.

“Thus, neither the app itself, nor the people trying to launch a man-in-the-middle attack, will be able to intercept any correspondence or group calls, including group calls,” Victor continued.

Victor also said that until now, most of the malicious software was still focused on intercepting WhatsApp messages and archived online chats. Kaspersky has not found any cases of wiretapping of any calls, especially group calls.

He only said that if a device is infected, it is more likely that the Trojan will have the ability to record the microphone and camera on the device, allowing attackers to eavesdrop on any conversations.

“Regardless of the communication channel used, whether it’s instant messenger or regular phone calls,” said Victor closing his statement.

Source: Liputan6.com

Reporter: Augustine Mario Damar [faz]



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