Kaspars Markševits, the voice of Latvian Radio 2 and host of events, in cooperation with composer/bass guitarist Ingar Viļumas, presents his latest performance to the listeners.

Commenting on his collaboration with Kaspar, Ingars Viļums, the author of the music and lyrics of the song “Zemenu dārzā”, says:

“Since 2005, when we created the first song “Tu esi” in cooperation with Kaspar, considerable time has passed and a new generation has almost come of age. We have all changed over time, but Kaspar’s voice has remained the same. Our latest joint work – the song “Strawberry Garden” is done in a romantic, delicious party style.”

Kaspars Markševičs conquered the hearts of the listeners several years ago by releasing the song “Meitene ar zažālim akimi”, which already has more than one million views on the YouTube platform, as well as the recent award-winning place in the final of the “Heart of Latvia” survey with the song “Do you love me”.

“I am grateful to the highest that I have the opportunity to cooperate with such creative and wonderful composers and artists, as well as thanks to the producer of the song Gintas Stankevičs, video artist Vasilis Lihotorovič. Colors, brightness and good thoughts are what is missing at this time. Listen to our song and I know it will make you smile”, says Kaspars Markšević.