Kasikorn Asset Management sends Term Fund Plus investment for 1 year

Kasikorn Asset Management sends Term Fund Plus investment for 1 year

Date 02 Mar 2021 at 12:26 PM.

Kasikorn Asset Management launches Term Fund Plus with a one-year investment, providing opportunities to receive additional returns from the recovering global economy. Open the first IPO (IPO) 5-12 March this

Mr. Navin Intarasombat Chief Investment Officer (Deputy Managing Director (Foreign Investment Management) Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited (Kasikorn Asset Management) revealed that Kasikorn Asset Management has gradually established Term Fund Plus funds. To provide an alternative to investors who can accept moderate risk. They are looking for opportunities to receive additional returns during the global economy signaling recovery. In the past, the fund received a lot of interest and feedback from investors. This makes it possible to close the sale quickly and raise funds up to 61,619 million baht (as of February 25, 64). Kasikorn Asset Management is preparing to launch a new Term Fund Plus called K Foreign Fixed Income Fund 2022E. (KFF22E) by opening the first IPO during 5-12 March 2021.

Mr Navin said that the interest of Term Fund Plus is that it uses a Buy & Maintain strategy that focuses on investing in more than 80 debt instruments, more than general Term Funds and investing in investment grade debt instruments of not less than 70% in total. To diversify some investments in foreign deposits To reduce volatility in investment portfolios, KFF22E will focus on investing in good quality debt instruments around the world, especially in Asia. Through the Invesco Asian Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2022 – VI, Class C (USD) -Acc, approximately 60% of the portfolio is managed by Invesco, a leading global asset management firm with fund management expertise. Debt instrument The remaining approximately 40% of Kasikorn Asset Management is managed by diversifying foreign deposits, including PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Indonesia) deposits, Qatar National Bank deposits (Qatar) and Bank deposits. of China (People’s Republic of China) However, Term Fund Plus is suitable for those who see opportunities from diversification in foreign debt instruments and deposits. Which can hold investment units for 1 year

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Mr. Navin said that Kasikorn Asset Management reserves the right only on March 5, 2021, starting from 11:00 am onwards.For those who are interested can start investing only 500 baht through the K PLUS application. Or K-My Funds or any KBank branch nationwide When the fund matures The auto redemption proceeds will be used to purchase investment units of K Fund. Short-term government securities (K-TREASURY) or K Short-term Fixed Income Fund (K-SF) as the investor has notified the requirement. For the opportunity to receive continuous returns.Investors can request the prospectus through the above investment channels or ask for more information at the KAsset Contact Center 0 2673 3888.


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