Kasikorn Asset Management sends a deadline of 1 year and 11 months to invest in bonds of leading companies of good quality.

Mr. Chatchai Saritapirak Deputy General Manager Investment Management Kasikorn Asset Management Co., Ltd. It was revealed that Kasikorn Asset Management has offered an initial public offering (IPO). financeopen k Thai bond 23MA does not sell to retail investors (KTF23MA-BR) Estimated return of 2.25% per annum with a minimum investment of 500,000 baht, which will go on sale between 18 and 27 October 2022.

KTF23MA-BR isbond fundThe duration of the project has a project life of approximately 1 year and 11 months, it provides for an investment policy in debt instruments and / or national deposits. Through the investment strategy of holding the invested assets until the expiry of the project (Buy and Hold), with the aim of paying consistent returns every 6 months through automatic redemption, no more than twice a year.

However, the bonds invested by the fund are all leading Thai companies with investment grade credit ratings of A or higher, with low risk of default. Investments are well managed by qualified fund managers. in parallel with risk management, to be regularly at an adequate level

The fund is expected to invest in bonds / bills of exchange issued by 6 leading Thai companies in various sectors, namely Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited, Frasers Company. Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited, Land and Houses Public Company Limited, SPCG Public Company Limited, Krungthai Card Public Company Limited and Home Products Company Limited. The fund is fully hedged against changes in interest rates.

“The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sees the Thai economy grow 3.3% this year and is likely to continue growing at 3.8% through next year, with the main supporting factors coming from tourism and from consumption. Monetary policy is likely to continue to increase gradually increase interest rates. does not accelerate the implementation of strict policies, which from the 2 factors above making the investment picture in Thailand Still interesting However, the global economy it is still highly volatile. And there is the possibility of it going into a recession. Investing in good quality Thai bonds through fixed-term bond funds is therefore a good choice for investors. ”

Mr. Chatchai added that the KTF23MA-BR fund is suitable for investors who want to lock in returns. have a clear investment period and is a high investment person Investors can start investing at least 500,000 baht through K PLUS App, K-My Funds and each branch of Kasikorn Bank. Kasikorn Asset Management will use the auto redemption proceeds to purchase investment units of either fund, namely K Short-Term Fund (K-TREASURY) or K Short-Term Fixed Income Fund (K-SF).) To increase the possibility of receiving continuous returns

Proofreading … Sure Silawong

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