Kasatlantas Ciamis Police Dies, Had Participated in TKP Pilgrims Bus Accident

CIAMISKOMPAS.com – Kasatlantas Polres nice Assistant Commissioner of Police Zainul Arifin died at the Ciamis District Hospital, Sunday (22/5/2022) at around 22.00 WIB.

“He died,” said Head of the Public Relations Subsection of the Ciamis Police, Inspector One Magdalena by telephone, Monday (23/5/2022).

The deceased’s body, said Magdalena, was immediately taken to a residence in East Jakarta.

According to information received by journalists, Zainul suddenly fainted in his office, shortly after returning from duty at the location of the pilgrim bus that crashed in Panumbangan.

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Previously, the late AKP Zainul Arifin was at the scene shortly after the pilgrim bus had an accident, Saturday night. At that time, the deceased was busy handling and collecting data related to the incident.

Sunday morning, the deceased was already at the scene. Back then, he was escorting his way crime scene processing by officers from the Ciamis Police Satlantas and the West Java Police.

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Sunday afternoon, the deceased accompanied the Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi who visited the scene. The Director General’s visit lasted until the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the late AKP Zainul had recently served at the Ciamis Police Station. He assumes the position of Kasatlantas starting March 29, 2022 or has only served for 1 month and 23 days.

Before becoming Kasatlantas Ciamis, AKP Zainul served as Kanitlantas Cisarua Police, Bogor Resort Police.

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