Kasaï Oriental – fight against AIDS: the low availability of condoms among the challenges to be met (PNMLS)

Kasaï Oriental SIDA PNMLS

The ceremony to celebrate World HIV / AIDS Day took place this Monday, December 2, 2019, in Mbujimayi, capital of Kasaï Oriental, in the performance hall of the Mining club of Bakwanga, under the chairmanship of the Governor of the province. Jean Maweja Muteba.

For this year 2019, the theme chosen in the provinces is: “communities make the difference”.

Here, the East Kasai population was called upon to make a difference by being screened during this month of December 2019, by the provincial representation

“Each of us must do what is expected of us to allow 90% of HIV-positive people to know their status and access quality treatment. To the whole Kasaïenne community, we say, let us be tested during this month of December, the AIDS month to make the difference and hope to end AIDS by 2030 in our province, “said the executive secretary of PNMLS.

In presenting the epidemiological situation of HIV / AIDS in Kasai Oriental, the head of the ad interim health division, Dr Tshiteku, drew a worrying picture of the prevalence of AIDS, which is 2.8%.

“The prevalence of HIV for the total population in our province is around 2.8% and among pregnant women we are around 2.3%. We have the Mbujimayi site which has a prevalence around 3.1% and Tshilenge which is around 1.41%, ”noted Dr Tshiteku.

For his part, the provincial chief executive Jean Maweja Muteba returned to the objectives of World AIDS Day, in particular based on the mobilization of the population on universal access to the prevention service.

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“The main purpose of commemorating this World AIDS Day is to mobilize the public on universal access to the HIV prevention service. It is imperative to seek care to end this epidemic, “said Jean Maweja.

It should be noted that among the challenges to be taken up to fight HIV in Kasaï Oriental, we noted in particular the low availability of condoms and screening tests.


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