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Sebastian’s story seemed like something out of a movie. The social communicator shared an important decision on his Twitter account: go to Karol G’s first concert or spend the money on a master’s degreewhich led him to stay with the second option after hearing his mother’s opinion.

With images of a conversation on WhatsApp, the young man showed a chat with his mother who in one of the messages told him: “In another opportunity you will go son”, after seeing a photo of the public in the first recital of the paisa singer at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá on May 21, accompanied by a broken heart, which his son left him in the talk.

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“Daddy, but beware that your dreams are not set in a concert”, stressed the mother of the fanatic and added that she could not be affected by not going to the concert. “Next time you go,” she added. To which Sebastian replied: “And I invite the mother.”

That tweet could be seen by Karol G and in his official account he left another more than encouraging message: “You chose very well. Everything has its time and its priority. How about Karol G seeing your tweet, and I gave you tickets for you and your friends and also your mom?. I don’t know, I’m here thinking. Check your DM to see.”

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The fan reacted excitedly, because now he has tickets for the artist’s second concert. “No one can imagine how I am crying with happiness At this time, friends who could not go and more important than the blessing and good will of a mother takes you far, thank you (sic)”, he shared.

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Now he will be at Karol G’s second recital in Bogotá, that will be bursting at the Movistar Arena. Sebastián promised to share the experience later on networks, of course, together with his mother.


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