Karol G launches her new song ‘Ay, Dios Mío’ with a youthful look and nails molded into Hello Kitty figures


Karol G is happy after the launch of his new song and the first of the year 2020, which he called ‘Oh, my God’, with which he wants to “fill with good vibes” his millions of fans who were waiting to hear the singer again.

The Colombian women sent a message through their stories from his Instagram account in which he announced the premiere of his single, explaining that “The song was scheduled to come out in April, but with everything that was happening I felt that it was not the time, because of how I felt as a person, “he said.

“I put everything into this project in all aspects, As for the composition, the song, the video, ”said Anuel’s girlfriend, asking her fans to give her opinion on the production she made with so much love.

This effort by the 29-year-old artist represents her first production after collaborating with the famous American musical group Jonas Brothers.

His song ‘Tusa’ in a duet with the artist Nicky Minaj caused a furor throughout the world, with lyrics that was a viral phenomenon on social networks and also reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list.

The pastel and youthful look with nails of Hello Kitty by Karol G

The theme video ‘Oh my God’, recorded in the city of Miami, also came with a Karol G lusing a look with her favorite colors: pastel shades.

With a sweatshirt and pants made with the ‘Tie-dye’ technique, which is a trend among boys and girls, the reguetonera recorded the images with a outfit very youthful, with which she abandoned her image of a sensual and provocative woman that she usually shows. A few braids sealed her tender girl version which he adopted on this occasion.

To this style he added his eccentric nails of XL dimension, in which boasted a very cute design with the face of the famous kitty Hello Kitty, in pastel tones, where she highlighted her diamond engagement ring that Anuel gave her when she asked him to marry her on Valentine’s Day, last February.

The urban music singer launches this song that has its origin in the reggaeton rhythm, but with pop touches, which speaks of a love relationship in its beginnings.

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