Karo Regency Preparing to Implement Smart City

Jakarta, Selular.ID – Qlue together with the Karo Regency government are ready to present a variety of smart city solutions for people in Karo Regency which aim to improve public services.

One of the solutions that will be implemented is the Qlue community reporting application which can be a bridge between the government and the people of Karo Regency.

Rama Raditya, Founder and CEO of Qlue
said that the use of technology for Karo Regency can be a solution to the needs of the people who want a more responsive and transparent government. Through the Qlue application, the community can also actively participate in the problems they find on a daily basis in the field.

“The smart city solution presented by Qlue can bring more transparent and accountable government governance so that the government’s goal of providing responsive services can be realized in line with the data and needs of the community. The impact is, of course, there will be a faster development of Karo Regency, ”said Rama.

The use of technology in governance can also increase public satisfaction and trust in the government. RaMa gave an example of the application of the Qlue application as a channel for public complaints which was first implemented in DKI Jakarta in 2014.

By implementing an open and participatory government system, the level of public satisfaction with the performance of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is able to reach 73.3%. Meanwhile, the level of public satisfaction with Basuki as Governor at that time was able to reach 81.5%.

“This means that government policies that are transparent and invite the participation of the citizens of Jakarta can be well received. Moreover, the public can monitor the follow-up to the reports they submit through the application, so that they feel that their aspirations are heard and even carried out directly by the government. So this comprehensive smart city solution is proven to be able to accelerate positive change for society, “said Rama.

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Meanwhile, Theophilus Ginting, Deputy Regent of Karo, was chosen to use the Qlue application to be very useful for creating responsive and accurate public services for the community. This is because one of the priorities of the new Karo Regency government is to create inclusive government services by inviting public participation.

All complaints, including agricultural issues such as the use of seeds, distribution of vegetables, to water supply, can be submitted by residents and the reports are received comprehensively by the Regional Apparatus Organization. It is hoped that this will support the welfare of the Karo people who have a very large potential in the agricultural sector.

“We can also cut bureaucracy by inviting the active participation of the community to report directly on problems they find in their surroundings, so that Regional Apparatus Organizations can immediately follow up and we can also monitor team performance in the field accurately.” said Theophilus.

Maya Arvini, President of Qlue said that the potential for using the Qlue application in Karo Regency is very good. This is because according to data from the 2020 Central Bureau of Statistics, the number of people who are in the productive working age of 15-64 years reaches more than 60% of the total population of 400 thousand people. This condition is also supported by the percentage of the open unemployment rate which only reached 1.09%.

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According to Maya, this demographic condition is ideal because people who are in productive age tend to be more familiar with the use of technology such as the Qlue reporting application. A number of city problems such as floods to illegal fees, as well as disaster problems such as the impact of the Mount Sinabung eruption can also be handled quickly and accurately.

“In the end, the authorized agencies can immediately have real-time data in the field so that they are able to make policies based on data and facts. In this aspect, using the Qlue application can also increase government accountability and transparency, as well as bridging the aspirations of the Karo people, “said Maya.

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