Karlovy Vary – Sparta 4: 5 PP, Sparta defeated Karlovy Vary in overtime, Repik decided

The home team Beránek got into the first chance of the match in the first minute, but he did not beat Machovský in the goal of Sparta, and the West Bohemians immediately regretted it. After 74 seconds of play, he opened the score, which reached Novotný’s shot of the healed Thorell. Energy shouted after the leading goal had difficulty facing the Sparta players’ raids. Sobotka, Strnad and Horák gradually found themselves in good chances. But the Praguers were unable to add a second goal.

Sparta also started the second period with a pressure game, and this time the guests have already established themselves. Horák cleverly intercepted Matuškin’s shot and Novotný had no chance to hit. In the middle of the match, however, the home team managed to reduce when Flek prevailed. The encouraged Energy continued to push closer to Machovsky’s goal, but made mistakes in defense. After confusion in front of Novotný, Thorell reached the puck in the 34th minute and overtook the Karlovy Vary goalkeeper for the third time.

Photo: Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

Sparta goalkeeper Matěj Machovský.Photo: Slavomír Kubeš, CTK

But the goal shootout continued. In the 36th minute, the Spartan defense completely forgot about the lone Lamb, who turned his back on Machovsky with an effective backhand shot for a home chance with an unfavorable match to do something. A minute later, however, the euphoria of the players from the spa town was cooled by Strnad, who took advantage of Dlapa’s mistake in the middle zone and returned the two-goal lead to the guests with a blow over the Novotný trap.

Photo: Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

Ondřej Dlapa from Karlovy Vary.Photo: Slavomír Kubeš, CTK

In the 47th minute, Chlapík was close to the fifth goal, but Novotný did not shoot from the ring. And the home team immediately dramatized the duel. In the 52nd minute, Plutnar’s shot from the blue line ended behind Machovský, and 46 seconds later, Captain Vondráček leveled the match after penetrating the right wing with a shot from the ring.

The visiting coaches took a break after the equalizer, but even that did not help Sparta to win in regular time. In overtime, Řepík was close to scoring at first, but he only hit the post. On the other hand, Vondráček could have decided, but he did not add a second goal in the match. The hero became Řepík, who decided the duel in 64:40.

28th round of the hockey extra league:
HC Energie Karlovy Vary – HC Sparta Prague 4: 5 in overtime. (0: 1, 2: 3, 2: 0 – 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 31. Flek (Kulich, Parkkonen), 36. O. Beránek (T. Havlín), 52. Plutnar (Kohout, Koblasa), 52. Vondráček (T. Rachůnek) – 2. T. Pavelka (E. Thorell, Chlapík), 24. Horák (Matuškin, Mikliš), 34. E. Thorell (D. Kaše), 37. Strnad (Konečný), 65. Řepík (Horák). Judges: Jeřábek, R. Svoboda – Gebauer, Hlavatý. Exclusion: 2: 4. No use. Attendance: 1000 (limited number).
Karlovy Vary: F. Novotný – Plutnar, M. Rohan, Dlapa, Parkkonen, Pulpán, T. Havlín, L. Doudera – Flek, Kulich, T. Rachůnek – O. Beránek, T. Mikúš, Immo – Kohout, Černoch, Koblasa – Vondracek, Osmik, Redlich. Coach: Walk.
Sparta: Machovský – Mikliš, Matuškin, Polášek, Tomov, T. Pavelka, R. Jeřábek – Řepík, Horák, D. Kaše – Chlapík, Sobotka, E. Thorell – Dvořáček, D. Vitouch, Strnad – Přibyl, Konečný, Buchtele. Coaches: Jandač and Hořava.



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