Karlos Arguiñano attacks Brexit and Boris Johnson: “Gibraltar …

Karlos Arguiñano has criticized the Prime Minister from United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, and at Brexitrespectively while cooking on his show Open kitchen on Antenna 3. A political discourse that has given rise to Twitter, has been highly applauded on all social networks and that the chef has settled with a blunt ‘Gibraltar español’.

Well, yes, there was no need to mix the churras with the merino, or in this case the kitchen with controversial issues would be more appropriate. And it is that as a wise man said “At the table we do not talk about politics or religion.” But Karlos Arguiñano has spoken, and a lot, and the shot has not left him by the cuta far from it.

It seems that Karlos Arguiñano’s opinion revolves around the superiority of the English, his definition of Brexit and the lack of workers: “And the English without truckers to deliver gasoline or anything at all. These Brexiters are famous in What a mess they’ve got, huh? “

Karlos Arguiñano attacks Boris Johnson

Thus, Karlos also attacked one of the greatest representatives of this political current: Boris Johnson. It seems that the cook does not like the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom too much and has even spoken about his hairdresser: “That English, the president that they have with the blonde hair. That is what is good is the hairdresser.”

In addition, the cook has pointed out that Gibraltar must be Spanish. A current that is increasing among the Spanish themselves. Arguiñano has been applauded on the Twitter social network.

Arguiñano applauded on Twitter

And it is that Karlos Arguiñano has been one of the characters who, far from being criticized, has been applauded on the Twitter social network. It seems that the famous Spanish chef has given voice to something that a large percentage of Spanish society thinks.



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