Karla’s Struggle with Infidelity and the Return of Monika: A Twist in Ulica

Karla’s Struggle with Infidelity and the Return of Monika: A Twist in Ulica

Nothing has to be lost, even if everything points to it. After all, Karla still has a chance for Kryštof. Although she is only very small. Of course, a few visits to a therapist were not enough. Mára had to come to the unraveling and knowledge of his self on his own. And maybe Monika will help him with that too.

Karla throws a flint into the rye

If Karla still had any plans and hopes for saving her relationship with Kryštof, which she had trampled to the ground, she lost it with the return of Monika Farská to Ulica. She really didn’t count on that. Now she will have to deal with the past and probably also get used to the fact that her two boys will have their surrogate mother with their father. In addition, the mother, who is pretty, worldly and everyone likes her, regardless of what she did to Mára when she left for Africa. Could Kryštof have fallen in love with her if Karla’s infidelity had not happened, they had continued to be married and Monika had appeared on their doorstep? Maybe Karla would find a friend in her. Although being friends with your husband’s ex… is far-fetched in itself. Friendship is out of the question even now. Karel sees her as more of a bitch… and she, a bitch in love, stands up for her very unexpectedly.

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Monika saves the day

It’s bad enough that Monika Farská is back. Now Karla will still have to meet her in front of her barracks. The boys normally have fun with her, which proves that Kryštof spends a lot of time with her. However, Monika does not seem to have come here looking for a permanent relationship. Of course, she ended up in bed with Mára. But he’s getting a divorce, and he used to be hers. So she didn’t do anything wrong. And maybe she will manage to shine in Karla’s eyes as well. He immediately hits on Mára with the question of why he broke up with such a nice wife. And Mára is again in the position of a little boy who has to explain. This of course pisses him off. All the more so when Monika starts telling him that infidelity in long-term relationships is not that rare after all.

Mára probably figured out why he always stays on vinegar

But Mára doesn’t want to listen to that. It’s enough that Karla’s surroundings immediately forgave her flight, while his is still a problem. Maybe if the others had enough understanding for his aching soul, they would be together with Karla now. But that’s not the only thing that bothers Kryštof. With his journey through the bed’s past, he discovered something important. He probably already knows what the dog is buried in. He already knows why all the women either cheat on him or leave him. He is not very successful. He should start school or move on professionally. According to him, he was simply not enough for Karla and every love in his life after a while.

Vérka assures Karla that he is on her side

And Věrka probably also realized her share of the blame. She shouldn’t have been like this until the screening. This is how Karle showed how much she is in awe of Monika. This would throw off anyone and it affected Karla as well, who is used to a lot due to her job. And that’s why Věrka gets really scared when Karla doesn’t answer her phone for a while. Would something happen to her?

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