Karla Panini and Américo Garza showed a lot of pain in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo

Karla Panini revealed in a recent interview by Gustavo Adolfo Infante, feel “very hurt”.

Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante shared with his followers he would conduct an interview to know the version of Karla Panini and Americo Garza regarding their controversial relationship.

The host of the “First-hand” program said he needed to hear the other side of the story, now from the couple made up of Karla Panini and Americo Garza after the various attacks that have been targeted on social networks.

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Remember that Karla Panini, she joined the late ex-conductor and comedian Karla Luna, the popular and famous show of “The Laundresses“, from which a great controversy arose in recent years, due to the betrayal that recently came to light through audio.

Own Karla LunaBefore losing the battle against cancer, she confronted her “friend” and her partner, Américo Garza, about a relationship behind their backs, as well as money that their partner owed him as a result of their work.

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Now, the version of today’s husbands is released by a interview that the driver made in their meeting between the three, in the city of Monterrey.

For his part, Americo Garza, spoke in the first place and revealed something that perhaps many were unaware of, as he reveals that he was also the victim of treason on the part of Karla Luna.

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Also, both expressed their feelings after becoming the target of constant attacks in social networks

We are very hurt, hurt, “it has been a tremendous media bang against him,” said Adolfo Infante, who traveled to Monterrey to interview Panini and Garza.

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Although not all the details of the interview have been revealed yet, the couple also touched on the theme of the driver Fabiola Martinez, which has also been in the eye of the hurricane for an alleged relationship with Americo Garza, of which he has revealed some rugged details on social networks.

Regarding this issue, the couple announced that it is all a fictional story and Americo Garza never had a relationship with Fabiola Martinez.

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Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante He reiterated about the forgiveness Luna and Panini offered before she left, however, Americo held that Karla Luna He was also unfaithful to them while they were married.

(Karla Panini) says that she spoke with who had to talk about this infidelity that was with Karla Luna at the time and that they were forgiven, understood each other and that no one else had to give explanations, “said Gustavo Adolfo Infante that was the message which he received from Panini.

The driver He announced that he questioned the couple with all kinds of questions, specifically the ones most asked by the public, which will be announced later when all the details of said interview.

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On the other hand, the subject of money they allegedly robbed Karla Luna, will not be excepted in said talk since the driver did not miss the opportunity to question about all that controversy. And finally Panini will clear all doubts as to why the show “The Laundresses“they finally decided to follow different paths.


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