Karl Madiss Pennars from Estonia wins the Baltic Young Composers’ Big Composition Competition / Article

The jury member Jievars Jasinskis from Lithuania, telling about the final concert of the competition, noted that all the winners of the competition are the winners, because the compositions of the young composers were excellent. Jasinskis regretted that he could not judge the compositions from the Spīķeri Concert Hall, because he wanted to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere in person. His Estonian colleague Raul Sööt commented on the course of the competition as follows: “The diversity of compositions and how different composers have treated the task addressed me. “In his composition, the influence of Frank Zappa is clearly felt, the arrangement of the composition is very masterful – the change of various emotions, masterful insertions with theatrical interludes.” After the final concert, the only representative of the jury from Latvia, Rolands Kronlaks, said that he was happy with the development of the competition, as well as saw opportunities to diversify the competition and expand the audience in the future.

Young composers between the ages of 18 and 30 living or studying in the Baltic States, including senior students in music high schools and colleges, students at music universities and young professionals, were invited to take part in the competition. Representatives of the jury from all three Baltic countries – Rauls Sēts (Estonia), Jievars Jasinskis (Lithuania) and Rolands Kronlaks (Latvia) – nominated the compositions created by eight young composers, performed by the joint big band of JVLMA and Riga Dome Choir School.

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