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In order to jointly stop the outbreak of Covid-19 in Latvia, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (“New Unity”) calls on the population to limit social contacts for the time being – not to hold parties and sitting with friends.

Kariņš calls on residents to abstain from parties to jointly stop the Covid-19 outbreakMara Rosenberg00:00 / 01:38

The Prime Minister emphasizes that the outbreak is serious. And in order to do as little damage to the economy as possible and allow children to continue their education in person, it is essential that everyone contributes to stopping the virus by continuing to wash their hands, keep their distance and wear face masks in public, and keep social contact to a minimum. The Prime Minister pointed out that this call is more related to private parties than to theaters or concerts with numbered seats and strict sanitation.

“We see it again and again – where there have been outbreaks of the virus in one, another or a third municipality, it is usually in a rather narrow group of colleagues and friends.

If we can now refrain from direct social contact for some time so that the economy can continue to function, we will be able to control this virus outbreak, to ‘push’ the wave that is currently washing.

It ‘s up to us, and that’ s what I’m calling for right now, “said Kariņš.

He also emphasized the importance of various other measures.

“Unfortunately [pret šo slimību] There is no medicine or vaccine yet, but we know from our own experience and the world‘s extensive experience – if we wash our hands elementarily, keep our distance, wear masks and do not have these parties, we will be able to limit the spread of the virus. Because this virus loves that we are close to each other. That’s what he’s waiting for. Let’s not give him that opportunity! If we follow this, we will not be forced to go more drastically than in many countries where the economy is closing again. As head of government, I do not want to close our economy; think no one wants that! So let’s follow these basic things. We can really do that, ”said the Prime Minister.

Kariņš has not yet been able to answer whether the Crisis Management Council on Tuesday could decide to limit social contacts with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, but said: “We will take into account what experts have developed and recommended. But I know one thing: if you want yourself and your loved ones not to get sick, you just have to stay away from others until this wave passes by. And it will pass. “

Speaking about the requirement introduced this week to wear face masks indoors, which is already in force in many other countries, but came to Latvia quickly and caused confusion and even anger in part of the society,

the prime minister used a comparison to wearing a helmet on a construction site.

“One could say – I have never met a construction worker who died not wearing a helmet. Or – there was a construction worker, a three-tone plate fell on his head, and you see, the helmet did not protect him! But common sense says – a helmet should be worn on the construction site to minimize the possibility of head injuries. The same is true with face masks – they are not a miracle cure, but in combination with distance and hand washing, it has proven to be a very effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones more. (..) Yes, we do not walk in helmets every day, but there are no pandemic conditions every day. If it were the case that a hail would fall from the sky, we would already be looking for ways to protect our heads. ”


In Latvia on June 10 ended Emergency to declare the new coronavir announced on 12 March. The virus is still circulating and there is no medicine or vaccine for it. Certain restrictions still apply to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The situation was stable during the summer, but at the end of September the incidence rose sharply and the 14-day cumulative number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 population exceeded 25 cases. Queues for Covid-19 tests are also increasing, and asymptomatic people are already invited not to report the test.

In response to the spread of the disease, the government decided that face masks are mandatory in public transport from 7 October. On October 13, the government decided that masks should also be worn in public placesstaying more than 15 minutes. Currently in Latvia public events Up to 500 people can gather indoors, up to 1000 in the open air. In private events, 30 can gather indoors and 300 outdoors.

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