Kariņš calls for the restrictions set in the emergency to be observed already tonight / Day

The prime minister said at a news conference on Friday that the country is currently at a “crucial moment” as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, the incidence of the new coronavirus is increasing every day, hospitals are becoming more congested and human mortality is rising.

“The government cares about the lives and health of every human being, so by listening to health professionals, the government has made it clear that if we do not act decisively and immediately, we risk losing control of the pandemic, as has happened in many European Union countries. “said the Prime Minister.

With all this in mind, the government decided on Friday, on Monday, November 9, to declare a state of emergency in the country to achieve a reduction in the incidence of Covid-19. Kariņš pointed out that during the emergency situation, a number of restrictions will be introduced, for example, a smaller number of people will be allowed to gather, entertainment activities will be suspended, and catering activities will be restricted.

“The restrictions will formally take effect from Monday, but I urge you to comply with them tonight – nowhere to go, not to meet friends, not to gather, because that’s what the virus wants. We continue to follow safety measures – two meters away, hand washing and wearing face masks in public , “stressed Kariņš.

It has already been reported that an emergency situation will be declared in Latvia for the restriction of Covid-19 from Monday, November 9, to December 6, such a decision was made by the government on Friday.

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During the emergency, all public events in person will be canceled and banned. This prohibition will not apply to outdoor meetings, processions and pickets.

During an emergency, private events will allow a maximum of ten people to gather at the same time and no more than two households, excluding the funeral. No more than ten people will be allowed to gather at the funeral at one time.

In cultural places, exhibition venues, sports, places of religious activity, work will be able to start no earlier than 6 o’clock and end no later than 8 pm, except for sports centers, which will be able to end no later than 22 o’clock.

All sporting events, such as competitions, demonstrations, performances, with the exception of sports competitions for adult national team athletes included in the calendar of sports competitions of the International Olympic Sports Federations, will also be prohibited and canceled if they take place without spectators. The restriction will also not apply to international and top-level team sports competitions in which only adult professional athletes participate.

The Cabinet of Ministers declares a state of emergency for a definite period of time, but not longer than three months. The state of emergency can be lifted by the government ahead of schedule if the threat to the state has been prevented or overcome. Depending on the type and intensity of the threat, the government may declare a state of emergency throughout the country, in a part of the country, in a part of the administrative territory.

For violation of restrictions or prohibitions established during an emergency situation, the law envisages imposing a fine on a natural person from ten to 2,000 euros, but on a legal person – from 140 to 5,000 euros.

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In accordance with the law on declaring a state of emergency, the Cabinet of Ministers decides. The Presidium of the Saeima, in its turn, must immediately include such a decision in the agenda of the sitting of the Saeima and parliamentarians must vote for it.

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