Karin: “I save tens of euros per month on my telephone subscription”

Karin and her boyfriend both have an ‘old’ smartphone, a Samsung S8. They find it strange that people buy a new phone every year.

I recently took a look at what the latest model from Samsung is. We are now at the Samsung S23. With – as they say – a slightly better camera and a few new, improved functions. My friend and I both still have a er… Samsung S8. I think I’ve had it for quite a few years now, but I don’t know how long exactly. In any case, the launch of the S8 was in 2017. In smartphone terms, my phone is therefore very old. You just can’t play Snake on it.

The reason I have such an old thing? He still does. I can use all my favorite apps, I can take beautiful photos with it, I can app with it and I can even make (video) calls with it. Why the hell would I buy a new device? You don’t replace your TV every year, because there is a new version in the store with three new ones features?

On installment

I don’t understand people’s need to keep buying a new model. ‘Because they can choose a new one,’ they say. But free does not exist. You simply fall for the marketing machine of your smartphone brand. You buy a product of about € 1000 every time (that’s what those bitches cost these days!). You don’t realize that, because you pay off your device monthly via your subscription. But we all know: buying something on credit eventually costs you more. Your subscription is tens of euros cheaper every month if you keep your old device or if you have a SIM-only subscription.

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Cheap subscription

With a bit of luck (and a good protective cover) your phone will last for years. In the end you pay much less. How much do I pay per month for my subscription? € 13. That’s because I only pay for my calling minutes and internet. I have a small internet subscription. I work most of the time at home, with my device connected to WiFi. I also have few calling minutes, because who calls these days? Plus: you can make (video) calls via WhatsApp.

If I do need a new phone, I never buy the latest model. I always buy the second or third newest; they are a lot cheaper and are almost as functional and up-to-date. Do you want to save even more? Then get one refurbished copy (a tech term for ‘second hand’).

Think 3 times

I think it’s money beating of smartphone brands to launch and hype a new device every time. That’s really not necessary. So dear people, are you again being told by your telephone provider that you can ‘pick out a new device’? Don’t fall for it (again)!

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