Karely Ruiz, Onlyfans model, shaved her hair after suffering from alopeciaHalftime

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Karely RuizOnlyFans model criticized for winking at selected Kevin Álvarez, surprised his followers by posting a photo in which he is seen with short hairaccompanied by a message in which he clarified the reason for his decision.

Although initially the image was thought to be recentthe 21-year-old from Monterrey clarified in a later ‘live’ that the picture is from two years agoThis is to make it clear that continue with your usual lookwhich can be confirmed just by entering their ‘stories’.

Why did Karely Ruiz cut her hair?

Ruiz shows a single image with short hairwhich led to speculation if it really happened, although there were also those who defended that Such situations usually occur when going through a difficult momentwhat happened to the young woman.

“At this point in my life I went through a very difficult process”, explained the also content creator. “I had to shave my head because I had alopecia problems due to stress. cried a lot“, he added.

In another message she shared, Karely Ruiz made it clear that “Money is not everything”so you can have common problems for humans regardless of whether your bank accounts seem robust. “Just like you, I also have problems,” he said..

The double of Karely Ruiz?

Other followers speculated that the image corresponded to Dallet Sotowho has become popular on TikTok due to the great resemblance he has with the model, although the doubt prevails for the moment.

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