Karel Šíp in danger: The last All Parties are approaching

The final shootings are scheduled for June 6 and 7 at the Prague Traffic Light. The spectators bought tickets for them several weeks in advance. But they won’t know the names of the guests until the last minute.

Karel Šíp at the funeral of Josef Alois Náhlovský († 72): Emotional words about a friend

“We are finishing the season and then we will have fun what to do next,” Šíp, who has been broadcasting All Parties for 17 years, entrusted us. “I won’t say anything until it’s clear,” he added, asking if he would continue filming the show from the fall. He always has a contract only for a given season, which lasts from autumn to spring.

Křížková’s confession: The hardest part was telling the children. And Arrow whistled Allparty

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