Karel Richter, the actor, voice actor and longtime director of the theater, died at the age of 96

At the age of 96, Karel Richter, stage, film and television actor, voice actor and long-time director of the Jiří Wolker Theatre, died this Friday. The public farewell to the winner of the František Filipovský Award for lifelong dubbing championship will take place on August 17 at twelve o’clock in the Great Ceremonial Hall of the Strašnice crematorium.

“Karel Richter devoted his life primarily to the theater when he played his first role at the age of ten in the Mila Mellanová Theatre. He then worked there until 1949, when it was gradually renamed the Municipal Youth Theatre,” said the actor’s grandson Jan Richter.

The actor became a member of the Jiří Wolker Theater troupe in 1949. In 1973, he took over its management and led it until 1990.

He devoted most of his professional life intensively to creation for children and youth and contributed significantly to its development and popularization. During his era, the Jiří Wolker Theater was the birthplace of acting talents such as Dagmar Havlová, Martina Hudečková, Ivan Vyskočil and Ivana Andrlová. In 1983 he received the title of meritorious artist.

Karel Richter was also famous for his voice. Already in 1940, he had his first experience recording the Carnation Beetles album. However, he made his mark in the public’s consciousness mostly through dubbing for film, television, radio and advertising. He devoted himself fully to this field from the 1960s until the last moments of his life. He has hundreds of dubbed roles in the films Fantomas se zlobí, Pearl Harbor, Titanic and Gladiator or the series M*A*S*H, Hello, Hello, Kojak and documentaries.

In 1996, he received the Senior prix from the Actors’ Association. During his more than 80-year artistic career, he collaborated with most important actors, for example Lída Baarová, Jan Werich, Jan Horníček and Miloš Kopecký.

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