Karel Gott’s new song! He sang it with her favorite colleague before she died!

More than a year after the death of Karel Gott, which saddened not only the Czechia, a new song will be released to the legendary singer. It will be at Christmas. The master prepared it together with the band Kryštof Richard Krajč, who also wrote the popular hit Srdce nehasnou.

“They recorded the song together in January 2019 and we agreed that we wouldn’t release it until this year before Christmas, because Christmas songs and Karel Gott just belong together. We wanted to give you the feeling that Karel is with us on Christmas this year as well.” wrote the widow Ivana on facebook.

The song was created even before Gott’s emotional duet with his daughter Charlotte, whose composition Krajča was commissioned by the eternal Slavík. Most people understood him as saying goodbye.

Dear supporters, I am happy that you will soon hear a new portrait of Richard Kraj’s dog, in which he sings with him on the tracks …

Zveejnil (a) Karel Gott on Savings January 21, 2020

The new song is called Christmas and will be released on November 5 with a video clip. Krajč’s wife Karin Babinská took care of that. “It’s probably our most emotional. We are very happy with the song and we believe that it will touch you as much as it touches us,” the band Kryštof said.

“I believe that in these gloomy difficult times, the song and the clip will caress your soul and lift your spirits. I wish you good health, a positive mind and, if possible, a smile on your face, temporarily under cover,” Gott concluded.

Take a look at the unused footage from the Karel documentary:


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