Karadai revealed Petkov’s secret plan to expel the Russians

From the Friday session of the parliament, it became clear that there are two people who are hiding on the subject. Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev. On Friday, there was a blitz control that they were required to attend, but they didn’t show up. The night before, however, the security services were at the presidential council of the National Assembly, Karadai said. And he emphasized: “They said very disturbing things about Kiril Petkov.”

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In order not to appear that I am commenting on classified information, I would say that Kiril Petkov used this topic, he also used the services for personal use, dropped the Karadai bomb.

There is a transcript, read it if they haven’t edited it. Listen to the recording of the meeting of the Security Council at the IC. There were four or five people from the services in the National Assembly, no one refuted Kiril Petkov’s intentions for personal use on this topic, Karadai said once again.

The DPS leader reiterated the Movement’s position on the diplomatic scandal. Any diplomat who works against Bulgaria’s national interests and threatens its national interests should be expelled, regardless of how many people it is and whether they are from Russia, said the DPS leader. After the act of expulsion has been carried out, no one has the right to give us ultimatums, Karadai commented on the behavior of the Russian ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova, who gave an ultimatum to Bulgaria to cancel the expulsion of the Russian diplomats, otherwise Moscow will close its mission in our country.

Kiril Petkov should be investigated on this topic and on other topics. We have submitted reports to the prosecutor’s office, including the so-called “golden passports”, Mustafa Karadayi also stated and demanded that President Rumen Radev convene the CSNS because of the diplomatic scandal.

“We continue the change” came as a function of Ivo Prokopiev, who created the circle “Capital” with the gifts and thefts from privatization. PP, Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev are Ivo Prokopiev’s proxies, his avatars, Mustafa Karadai also commented.

People’s representative from DPS Delyan Peevski has no media. More than a year ago, he sold what he owned to American companies, so that you could not claim again that he almost does not own media through proxy persons, said Mustafa Karadai in response to a question by Laura Krumova.

Turn to employers’ organizations, to real businesses, to farmers and ask them for the last 30 years, for the last 20, 10 years, for the last 6 months, who talked to them and in what way, how they found solutions to their problems. This is the important work. When business received support, including in times of crisis, including now, only from DPS, how do they vote for other parties, asked Karadai. But he added: We are not angry because we have been working for business and people for 32 years.

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