Kanye West gets huge house built on Wyoming ranch


The spouses Kanye West and Kim Kardashian – Chase Rollins / AFF / VISUAL Press Agency

Kanye West has just received permission to build a home on his ranch in Cody, Wyoming. Take a good look at the building permit obtained by TMZ, some clues allow you to get an idea of ​​the pharaonic project that is coming.

Indeed, the rapper plans to build a property of … 4,800m2! More a palace than a house, therefore, which will face the lake present on the land of the star and where he can settle with all his family. But that’s not all !

For real

Kanye West also plans to erect two underground garages of 900m2, not to mention two additional homes by the lake. Guests should not be uncomfortable once the work is finished. And this is where things get complicated. Such constructions will also require significant work in terms of wastewater disposal and who knows how long it will take. Especially since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian certainly do not want to relive the setbacks they experienced with their Californian mansion in Hidden Hills. Four years of work had been necessary before they finally settled there. But if Kanye West thinks big for his Wyoming ranch, it’s because he seems to want to settle there for good.

Last week, he announced the repatriation of all the production of his Yeezy brand to the region, proof of his sincere love for this rural area of ​​the United States known for its exceptional natural settings.

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