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CelebritiesSoon we can expect our own documentary series about the life of Kanye West (43) on Netflix. The series will show footage from the past 20 years from the American rapper’s life. Whether the relationship problems with Kim Kardashian (40) will also be discussed is currently unclear. According to sources, the streaming service pays a whopping 25 million euros for the series.

The multi-part docuseries, currently untitled, will be directed by the musical duo ‘Coodie & Chike’. They have already produced some of Kanye’s music videos, including ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Through The Wire’. The rapper would have given the producers permission to film him for years, without there being a plan for a series at the time.

Failed presidential election

The series will feature some never-before-seen images of West and give us a look at the most personal moments of his life. We can expect a glimpse of his career in music and fashion, his failed presidential election in 2020 and the death of his mother, Donda West. Whether the much-discussed divorce of Kim and Kanye is also portrayed is still unclear.

According to the American magazine ‘Billboard’, the series has a price tag of 30 million dollars (about 25 million euros) and we can expect the series this year, although that has not yet been confirmed by the streaming platform.


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