Kantardzhiev smashed Katsarov with terrible K-19 data

According to the stationary data on the number of new cases – you know, a week or two ago we were at 1600, now we are at 2300-2600. The capital is not yet diffuse. If this happens in the capital, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, it will be very bad for our whole country. What scares me is that we only had 7,000 vaccinated yesterday. At the beginning of May, we made 35,000 a day. I’m not happy.

This was stated by Professor Todor Kantardzhiev in “Drive straight” on Nova TV, commenting on the situation with K-19 in our country.

There are many dead, and unfortunately we continue to be told some invigorating slogans – to know that things may not be real – “Everything is under control. We are doing perfectly. The dead were less than before.”

“We started entering the third wave with a large, high mortality rate, and we entered the fourth wave with a very low mortality rate, thanks to the measures and mainly in the summer. We started from a very low level. And it will continue to rise,” Kantardzhiev said.

According to him, the mortality rate has deteriorated a lot – what percentage of K-19s die from coronavirus.

“Let me tell you now. According to lethality data. The deaths from K-19 in the fourth wave preceded the third wave. The exact opposite of what the minister says. The truth is that the percentage of deaths from K-19 is higher than that of dying from coronavirus infection in the third wave, he explained.

“All the measures we took to be the country with the least sick and dead. They were to wait for the vaccine to come. It came, started a regular supply in April. Sorry, it took 40-50 thousand people a day to Yesterday 7000 vaccinated.

Yesterday there were 5,000 babies vaccinated (with other vaccines), which is normal. Bad messages, creating mistrust. Politicians have divided people into waxers and anti-vaxers, people who die from a virus and those who die from a virus. They chased the specialists.

He was fired for telling us to get vaccinated. If you try very hard for the coronavirus, they assume that you will be fired. A good example for young people. Everyone spoke unscientifically, against vaccines, against measures – what a political career the boys made, “Kantardzhiev erupted.

“The bad thing is that it got cold very quickly. We don’t open the windows enough, we haven’t learned not to gather a lot of people in one place. This infection depends a lot on the humidity. But some facts have proven that the masks are safe. year Europe had no flu.

It can be seen that any loosening of the measures, not wearing masks in public places and in public transport, leads to an increase in infections. If the viruses start, then there is a breakthrough in wearing masks. We need to think again – wear masks, get vaccinated, now the risk is much higher, “said Kantardzhiev, commenting on the upcoming situation with the pandemic in our country.

The professor also explained whether it is more dangerous for a child to infect an adult or vice versa.

“A child can infect an adult. A student can infect a teacher, but this is many times less common than an adult infecting a child with a coronavirus. In K-19, several things are different than in other viruses.

Usually the children with the children from the kindergartens carry them in the family. So it is with pneumococci. And so they infect grandparents and they get severe pneumonia. K-19s usually infect adults, “he explained, citing an example:” A sick teacher in the United States – 90% of the first line infected, 60 percent of the second and 20 percent of the third, just because she doesn’t wear a mask. ”

The second important thing for children, he said, is for them to be vaccinated. “Because we heard what the Ministry of Health said about children – not to be vaccinated. The most accurate statistics for children are in the United States. They have specialists there. It is good that Katsarov is not a minister there, he would have satisfied them all. Their statistics are as follows:

By age 19, 22% of the US population is ill, by age 19 – 26% are cases. Are the children sick? More than some other age groups. The right message in the summer to the compact Roma population was: Mothers, if you don’t want your children to get sick, you, your grandparents, get vaccinated so that you don’t infect your children, “Kantardzhiev said.

He stressed that it has already been proven that the vaccine can be given to children at the age of 12. “Tell them not to vaccinate their teenagers. They are the most vulnerable group because they are the most mobile. Get vaccinated, it has been proven that there will be fewer side effects, and they will not pay attention to them. “They understand that they are being vaccinated. Immunity in young people is much better built and many more teenagers will make an adequate response,” the professor explained.

The former NIGHT member recalled that “we have always been in a timely manner and not the strictest.” “Even the biggest critics, so big, but they didn’t do anything. The people saw them for other things, seeing the prices in the shops. Now we are waiting for the electricity bills.

We never asked on the phone if we could buy bread. Nor are we limited to 1,500 meters to the block. We have never tired the whole block of dogs walking them.

The most unfortunate thing is that the Ministry of Health says that there is no problem, but we see on TV that there is a very big problem. In Sofia there were 1-2 free beds for aspiration. The system is being loaded, “Kantardzhiev said.

There will be a pill around the new year. And it will be expensive. But it will calm people down a lot. Europe, the civilized world and the United States will calm down at the end of spring. Here and there they will have someone who came from Bulgaria, while I do not know about us. With this ministry, these views also seem to be doing everything to prevent people from being vaccinated.



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