Kanjuruhan tragedy, Arema FC admits selling tickets more than police recommendations

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Results of the PSSI survey The Kanjuruhan tragedy found that Arema FC sold tickets beyond the initial police recommendation. Investigation team member Ahmad Riyadh said the police recommendation was given after the tickets were sold out.

Ahmad said the number of tickets sold by Arema FC at that time was 42,000, according to the maximum capacity of the Kanjuruhan stadium. In fact, the recommendation letter for a crowd permit from East Java Regional Police stated that the committee should limit ticket sales to only 75% of the stadium’s maximum capacity.

Panpel, to the PSSI investigation team, said he could not implement the recommendation because tickets were already sold out. The recommendation was given on September 29, 2022 or two days before the game.

“Finally, coordination has been carried out. From the results of the meeting, the number of security personnel has been increased,” Ahmad said in Malang, East Java on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

The exact number of spectators present is unknown

Regarding how many spectators were present at the stadium during the match, Ahmad stated that Panpel Arema FC no definitive records. According to Ahmad, the number of spectators in Kanjuruhan on October 1 was unclear because there were no single seats or single seats in the stands apart from the VIPs.

“So the certainty of the number of spectators cannot be measured,” he said. “This is what makes someone say that the number of viewers is 40 thousand, some are 45 thousand”.

This violates the safety and security regulations PSSI. In article 43 of the regulation it is written that Panpel is obliged to implement a system for counting the number of spectators. The Panpel, in fact, must have a periodic report every fifteen minutes from when the gates of the stadium are opened.

Here are the rules:

1. Panpel is required to establish a system for calculating the number of spectators who have entered and are present at the Stadium.
2. Information on the number of spectators in the Stadium must be updated regularly every fifteen (15) minutes from the opening of the Stadium gates until kick-off plus thirty (30) minutes, reported to the security officer and / or Supervisor. race (race commissioner).

Also, correspondence between police, Panpel and PT LIB

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