Kang Won-rae, “You don’t have to send anything like this”

Kang Won-rae, “You don’t have to send anything like this”

2021-02-13 17:22:59

[뉴스엔 김노을 기자]

The clone Kang Won-Rae has groundless rumors

He expressed bitterness in the malicious comments.

Kang Won-rae said on his Instagram on February 13th, “‘Have you seen this article?’ He said, “You don’t have to send this article.”

This is a capture of comments sent by some netizens to Kang Won-rae as an Instagram direct message (DM), and contains groundless rumors and malicious comments.

The comment contained in the capture was’Song Kim is not good. R.ef There was also a theory that Kang Won-Rae blocked that group. (Kim Song-i) hides that he is a lover from other people and tries to own it alone, and even before marriage, the wind blows. Kim Song is a really great person,’I made my lower body disabled to stop the wind in the sky’, and’It’s not great, it’s stupid,’ and I am shocked with remarks that cross the line.

Accordingly, Kang Won-rae appealed that he did not have to disclose this information. At the same time, Kang Won-rae expressed his bitterness, saying, “Still, our story will help relieve your stress. Happy New Year”.

Meanwhile, Kang Won-rae married Kim Song in 2001 and has a son, Kang Sun. (Photo = Kang Won-rae SNS)

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