Kan Wipakorn announces the frenzy because the post has brought the money back

Kan Wipakorn announces the frenzy because the post has brought the money back

From the case Kan Wipakorn Sukphimai Famous rocker wife Sek Loso Post sha boils to Sia Bu or Po Anon After being arrested by the Hanuman police force at the Phetkasem residence, charged with organizing an advertisement to induce others to gamble (Online gambling)
On Feb. 5, 64 Kan Wiphakorn Open a luxury house in Ramindra area Press conference open to the media about the reasons that allude to the other party Including the discord with the Sia Po From the case where the other party borrowed 40 million years ago


Inquiring about the post as a relief? “Not only venting vengeance It’s not much of a grudge. Because I want to know that I really do not “
Said that I met a real event in that rental house? “Go back and forth and collect the gold it stole. For the lawsuit filed against each other The Court of Appeal decided If you remember correctly, it should be on April 20 “

Many people wonder what to hate him. Why post this size? How much money did he take us? Money doesn’t hope But want it to receive karma Is that Kan knows the process of catching thieves like this Gather them before you find the evidence. When can I file a lawsuit? When can you seize? Be able to accept bail We still have to protest. Is a step, however, you need to get bail But please let it stay a little longer. “

Did someone tell you, or is there a real experience that dares to say that there is something like this? “Think for yourself, it’s like this already I am a police son Kan knows everything. To tell you that you want to know what is true Kan never told a lie and swore. Who said to be posted to the true story Asking if you are not afraid of being sued? Let him sue it, then fight because it will come to make Kan afraid of being arrested and keep quiet and continue to do it again. Must keep it for a long time Because it’s not that easy to handle

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In the case between Kan And Sia Po still has anything stuck together? Or is it forgotten?Not being apolitical, it must be punished for not doing it to the elder alone. With everyone, people, youth

Kan Wiphakorn


What is he addicted to now? What about gold that you don’t bring? “It was a case with it a lot, at the police station, it was all too late, both the gun case and the live live The police went to arrest the house and I still didn’t go anywhere. The fake watch forgot to bring it to report “
How much are we exhausted with this person? “In the tens of millions, we are people who never thought what people would do to us. Because we never thought of destroying anyone Therefore, we do not hurt anyone. No one will hurt us. Kan is such a foolish person. At that time, we were with Pee Sek. Father and mother never met people like this. So I don’t know what the real society is like But it’s good to break up with Pee Sek. To see the truth of the world Because at that time he had never seen these things. I don’t know if people like this have it too. “

People think that Kan And Sia Po ever had a close relationship with each other in a sweet, sweet romance? “Not sweet at all Kan to go and peck out Karn’s money Try to use every psychology. Both begging not to retaliate to show the people that it is not good Because at least I want only money. Whoever said it, I don’t care, but I will take the money. “

Do you think ten million will get it back? “Ten million more than anything Set tens of millions, about 40 million baht, maybe, but I don’t think it will return. “
What did he say at that time? “It has an entire contract. And let me tell you the date of the decision to dismiss Kan Just realized that it went out to the media that the document was forged. The verdict did not say that the document was forged. The signature is clear The verdict came out that it was gambling money. Which Kan is damned Kan can’t gamble at all, hate it as well. I don’t like it. Waste of time. “

Kan Wiphakorn


Are you afraid that he will draw us? Because we have money to do with him? “What are you afraid of? (Online gambling) The police go to investigate, not at all, Kan can not play. Kan saw it, the underdog had nothing left. Kan I don’t know who is Sia Po? Suddenly, let’s say that this guy follows a lot. What does it share So go talk a little Therefore became a badass “

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40 million, what did he borrow, did he say? “I don’t know everything lies. All lies It was said to come and go. When I borrowed this much And it seems to be investing in anything of it Just like this before, I can’t remember. It’s already 5 years. Kan Young Line talked to Tiger that Mother has a new job Did the tiger tell him to deceive? We couldn’t tell. “

Like fooling us that money is invested? “Um … (I didn’t say it’s a gray business) Kan doesn’t know what the process is.”

Didn’t you check first? A lot of money?Kan is a person who does not check anything. Being careless and careless, being careless, it is already your personality. Because I think that no one can do anything for us Because we don’t do anything Why do you have to do anything to us? It is not possible Well, we don’t know that there are people who hope for that much benefit and good people too. And if you do not do good to us It should not be this heavy. “

Was it too trusting at that time? “Not too much trust Trust everyone, all of them already. But I was always cursed because I was born on Sunday. What does the horoscope do for someone? Born on Sunday, you can’t make people. Helping everyone will receive bad things from those we help. But suddenly turned into a flood and lost a place

Kan Wiphakorn

Get mine back

The case he was arrested Is Kan confident that he is really wrong? Online gambling websites? “To watch the movie forever, the day before, there are pictures of people full of the web It has been hit many times already. Let me ask, what will happen next when the police officer arrested the bail? Last time, about 2 years ago, the bail came out and what was the result? “

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When we knew each other, we had yet to quarrel. Has he ever invited to play online gambling? Or do you invest anything? “How do you invest it? Kan was at home waiting for the first time, it transferred money to Ow happy, earning hundreds of thousands a day. “
What are your husband and children saying? “No one said because my mother had warned it once. We look at the world as beautiful lavender. Why do you see this? Thinking that the world is beautiful, no one is evil, Mom warns us that it is not what people say, it is a good person. I think it will not betray our money. Where can’t believe anyone Since that moment, no one has ever received any money from him. “

What day of our case is it related to Sia Po? “Listen to the verdict on the 20 or 25 April, I can’t remember the day. (This case will appeal further) If dismissed, do not know what to say I want to know Hit by this size, all evidence of account books Insurance is only a million more than baht. How do you get insurance? “

Is there anything to leave him (Sia Po)? “Get the money back No, don’t let go, ask to ask, how many cases did you make? Still back to making online gambling Seen on the phone, it popped up in a flash, formed, and then grabbed it, it was wasted, why did you take it to get its possessions? And let it go When he knew that it had money, he went to seize it again. “

Thank you picture from AIG. : wiphakorn15

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