Kaley Cuoco reappears happily in public with her new actor boyfriend, leaving her divorce far behind

After 3 years of marriage to Karl Cook, Kaley Cuoco announced last September divorceafter which he spent some hard moments emotionally, as told in decemberthe day of his birthday: “Sometimes nothing happens for not being well. Even on your birthday.”

Since then has been sheltered by Zosia Mamet, her partner in ‘The Flight Attendant’, where she plays Ani, her character’s best friend. A friendship that the actresses have transferred to her life, and an example of this is that They live together since the separation from Kaleyit is included they got a tattoo to symbolize the union that they have forged in such hard times for the actress.

But a few weeks ago we learned that there was another important person in the life of Kaley Cuocoon which there was rumors of a new romantic relationship for the actress of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. This is the actor from ‘Ozark’ Tom Pelphreywith whom Cuoco spent a few days in retreat recently collected on his Instagramconfirming dating rumors.

After those first photos with Tom Pelphrey, Kaley Cuoco no longer has anything to hide, and has her first public appearance with Tom Pelphrey as a couple. He was on the spot for the entrance of Greg Berlantini, executive producer of ‘The Flight Attendant’, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kaley Cuoco with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey | Getty Images

Kaley did not want to miss the symbolic act of the well-known producer, and has celebrated the moment with Tom Pelphrey in the front row of the inauguration, where they have been seen hand in hand publicly showing the affection they feel for each other.

Kaley Cuoco with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey

Kaley Cuoco with her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey | Getty Images

Professionally, Kaley Cuoco is also having a good time after the premiere of season 2 of ‘The Flight Attendant’. A Tom Pelphreyin addition to ‘Ozark’, we have also been able to see him in the series ‘Outer Range’ with Josh Brolin, and he is pending the premiere of ‘Love and Death’where he shares cast con Elizabeth Olsen.

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