Kakao Kim Beom-soo “donated half of the property”… 5 trillion present value, why?

Chairman of the Board of Directors Kim Beom-soo, who founded Kakao, has expressed his intention to donate half of his wealth to society.

With Kakao’s rapid growth, Chairman Kim’s fortune is estimated to exceed 10 trillion won. Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports how he decided to donate half of that.


Beom-soo Kim, chairman of Kakao, the first generation of ventures, has grown Kakao into a group of large companies with assets of 10 trillion or more in 10 years after starting as a startup.

After KakaoTalk, a messenger app, dominated the domestic market, it expanded its business in various fields such as finance, content, and entertainment through heavy M&A.

Chairman Kim’s fortune has also grown like a snowball, and it is estimated that all 12.5 million shares of Kakao are over 10 trillion won.

Chairman Kim said he would donate more than half of these assets.

“We are also pursuing a donation pledge to make it an official promise, and Kakao will find and support people to solve social problems in areas that are difficult to access,” he explained.

Chairman Kim has consistently expressed his will for social contribution.

[김범수/카카오 의장 (지난해 카카오 창사 10주년 당시) : 기업이 선한 의지를 갖는다면 확실히 더 나은 세상이 되는 데에 더 근접할 수 있다고 생각하는데.]

It was analyzed that the controversy was caused by the fact that Chairman Kim’s two children were donated 26.2 billion won of shares and received billions of annual salaries by belonging to K Cube Holdings, a holding company owned by Chairman Kim. There is also.

[여준상/동국대 경영학과 교수 : ESG(환경·사회·지배구조 고려 경영) 라고 해서 초미의 관심사거든요. 코로나 시대가 그걸 더 촉발시킨 것 같아요. 빈익빈 부익부 양극화가 심하게 되고. 그래서 이 ESG에 대한 그런 게 국제적 기준이 되다 보니까 (기부의 배경이 된 것으로 해석됩니다.)]

Kakao said it plans to adjust the specific timing and form of donation in the near future.

(Video editing: Kim Sun-tak)



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