KAI Travel Fair, Discount Train Tickets up to 60 Percent, To Malang Only IDR 75,000

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) held the KAI Access Online Travel Fair Program which provided tens of thousands of tickets to various destinations with special discounts.

“We present the KAI Access Online Travel Fair to give appreciation to customers and to introduce the KAI Access application to the public,” said VP Public Relations of PT KAI (Persero) Joni Martinus in a statement, Friday (25/03/2022).

The KAI Access Online Travel Fair will be held on 27-29 March 2022 for the departure period from 29 March to 21 April 2022.

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The promo with 31,250 tickets, he said, was only valid for purchases through the KAI Access application, with discounts of up to 60 percent for 21 trains.KA) to various destinations.

For the Jakarta to Yogyakarta route with the Executive Class Gaya Baru Malam South train from IDR 340,000 to IDR 136,000, then the Bandung to Yogyakarta route with the Lodaya Train Executive class from IDR 260,000 to IDR 104,000.

Then the Jakarta to Surabaya route with the Gumarang KA Business class from Rp. 240,000 to Rp. 96,000, as well as various other routes.

The following is a list of trains that get discounts of up to 60 percent:

  1. KA Argo Wilis (Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  2. KA Argo Dwipangga (Gambir-Solo Racing pp)
  3. KA Argo Sindoro (Gambir-Semarang Tawang pp)
  4. KA Argo Parahyangan (Gambir-Bandung pp)
  5. KA Argo Cheribon (Gambir-Tegal pp)
  6. KA Sembrani (Gambir-Surabaya Pasarturi pp)
  7. KA Purwojaya (Gambir-Cilacap pp)
  8. KA Singasari (Monday Market-Blitar PP)
  9. Southern Night New Style Train (Market monday-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  10. KA Ranggajati (Cirebon-Jember pp)
  11. KA Gumarang (Pasar Senen-Surabaya Pasarturi pp)
  12. Mutiara Selatan KA (Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  13. KA Sawunggalih (Pasar Senen-Kutoarjo pp)
  14. Lodaya Train (Bandung-Solo Race pp)
  15. Kertanegara Train (Purwokerto-Malang pp)
  16. KA Logawa (Purwokerto-Jember pp)
  17. KA Sribilah Utama (Medan-Rantauprapat pp)
  18. Jayakarta Train (Pasar Senen-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  19. Kertajaya Railway (Pasar Senen-Surabaya Pasarturi pp)
  20. KA Matarmaja (Pasar Senen-Malang pp)
  21. KA Pasundan (Kiaracondong-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
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Joni said that KAI also presented Flash Sale Tickets for only Rp. 75,000 for 7 Executive Trains which were opened at 09.00 WIB – 10.00 WIB and 20.00 WIB – 21.00 WIB during the promo period with a total of 5,215 tickets.

For example, the Argo Bromo Anggrek (Gambir-Surabaya Pasarturi pp) and Gajayana (Gambir-Malang pp) trains which usually sell for around Rp. 75,000.

The following is a list of trains that get a Rp 75,000 Flash Sale promo:

  1. KA Argo Bromo Anggrek (Gambir-Surabaya Pasarturi pp)
  2. Argo Lawu KA (Gambir-Solo Balapan pp)
  3. Argo Muria Train (Gambir-Semarang Tawang pp)
  4. KA Bima (Gambir-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  5. KA Gajayana (Gambir-Malang pp)
  6. KA Turangga (Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng pp)
  7. KA Argo Parahyangan (Gambir-Bandung pp)

In addition to the two promos, KAI also provides a discount of 5 percent for all long-distance train tickets, except for PSO trains.

“The number of tickets that get the 5 percent discount promo is also not limited so that all people can get them right away,” he said.

He added several conditions for promo discounts of up to 60 percent and Flash Sale tickets, namely that tickets cannot be rescheduled and canceled and cannot be combined with other reductions.

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