Kafelnikov described orders in Russia with the phrase “not everything is like people”: Summer sports: Sports: Lenta.ru

Former tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov described the order in which, in his opinion, people live in Russia. The interview with the athlete took place on the Sportrecs portal.

“Yes, I frankly say: with us – not everything is like people have. And I take civilized countries where I was for my bar, ”he said. The former tennis player stressed that he traveled to almost all countries of the world and believes that he was lucky. By his own admission, he does not plan to leave Russia.

In March 2020, a scandal broke out between Kafelnikov and his daughter Alesya. Then the former athlete accused the girl of constant lies. She, in turn, said that communication with her father brought her to a nervous breakdown and suicidal thoughts.

Kafelnikov is a two-time winner of the Grand Slam series tournaments in singles, as well as the winner of the gold medal of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

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