Kadinsos Takalar Turns Out To Be In A Rescue Car That Hit And Run A Cyclist


The head of the Takalar Social Service (Kadinsos), Baso, apparently was in the rescue car carrying out the hit and run cyclists in Makassar, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). As a superior, Baso also pleaded guilty to the incident.

“Both (the driver-Kadinsos in the rescue car),” said Makassar Port Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner M Kadarislam when contacted detik.com, Friday (30/7/2021).

To the police, Baso admitted that he was scared when the collision incident occurred. As a result, Subhan is driving the car rescue it escapes from the location.

“Well out of fear, because coincidentally the head of the social service said he had a history of his heart,” said Kadarislam.

Kadarislam admitted that he had reprimanded Baso because he did not order his subordinates to report to police station when you are scared. Baso also admitted that he was wrong when he was reprimanded.

“So I said why not go to the police station, he said ‘that’s our fault, sir, why didn’t he go to the police station after the incident because he was so scared’, he immediately returned to Takalar,” said Kadarislam.

As previously reported, the hit-and-run incident occurred on Jalan Nusantara, Makassar, Wednesday (28/7) at around 06.30 WITA. The incident was caught on CCTV cameras and has gone viral on social media.

After conducting an investigation, the police identified the plate car rescue Baso was riding with plate number B-9551-PSD. Furthermore, the identities of Subhan and Baso were revealed as the people behind the hit-and-run incident.

Watch the video ‘Crash and Run, Takalar Service Rescue Car Driver Threatened for 3 Years in Prison’:

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