Kadiev showed data due to which Radev will lose the elections TABLE

I do not want to spoil your Sunday, but if you are a business owner, tomorrow you will pay for the most expensive energy in Europe. I enclose a file with the prices hour by hour for tomorrow. For convenience, see the penultimate line, which gives a price of 24 hours for base energy. This was written in his personal Facebook profile by the former left-wing MP Georgi Kadiev.

Here is what he wrote:

“The Bulgarian IBEX exchange is priced at 211.29 euros / MWh and is the most expensive. Even more expensive than Italy, which is 203.48 euros. Germany is the cheapest in the EU with 164.87 euros. Turkey, where there is a government-defined ceiling. at the price, beats everyone with 73.66 euros (think again about the withdrawal of the state and the benefits of a free market).

Now let me ask again the idiotic auction of Kozloduy NPP at a price of BGN 237. How did you lower the prices? Or was the goal for traders to sell for 211 euros? The NPP will have lost benefits of over BGN 30 million. from this auction, liability ZERO. Measures to reduce the price – ZERO.

I repeat again – if something brings down Radev, it will not be Gerdjikov, but the prices of electricity and total inaction in the Ministry of Energy, plus the sabotage of the untouchable staff of GERB.

The bill is paid by 440 thousand companies, ie we all.

P.P. HUPX is a Hungarian stock exchange, OPCOM- Romanian, PMUM – Turkish (here you will see two prices: in Turkish lira and in euro), EPEX- German, SMP- Greek, SEEPEX- Serbian, CROPEX- Croatian, AT- Austrian, GME- Italian , BSP- Slovenian. “



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