Kaczyński wants to solve the border crisis with a new law and a radical strengthening of the army – ČT24 – Czech Television

Poland in early September declared a state of emergency on the border with Belarus in an effort to counter the pressure of migrants. Asked whether Poland had reacted too slowly, when it was known that Lithuania was already solving similar problems, Kaczyński replied that the matter had been known long before the state of emergency was declared. According to him, the government took all necessary measures “many months in advance”.

The state of emergency is declared for ninety days. Kaczyński admitted that it could be extended, but he said it was not a good solution: “I think it would be better to create a law that will solve what is necessary. We need a new legal directive. We have a crisis here that can last a long time, so it needs to be managed properly. “He added that Poland is also planning a radical strengthening of its army.

“We need to strengthen the army and the Sejm (lower house of parliament) and then this project will be submitted to the Senate soon. I am talking about a radical strengthening of the whole army, which means a far-reaching change, “said Kaczyński. According to him, it will be both the weapons and the number of soldiers.



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