K3 pregnant Hanne Verbruggen feels “super good” and wants to continue performing | backbiting

K3 member Hanne Verbruggen, who is expecting her first child, is feeling “very well”. The 28-year-old singer is expected to arrive later this year, but for now he wants to continue performing. He told me on Saturday Viale RTL.-

The Flemish had previously announced that performance depends on her health. “If it works physically and mentally, then I definitely want to bite,” she said earlier The latest news.

This is certainly the case right now. “I feel good. Everything is going well. I also feel very good,” said the singer on the entertainment program.

For the time being, performances of the new K3 show will also continue in the Netherlands and Flanders in late 2022 and early 2023. Studio 100 and Verbruggen are currently examining whether practical adjustments are needed.

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