Juve’s penalty scares Serie A: here’s who else is at risk

The heavy penalty imposed on Juventus is now creating some tension in Serie A: other clubs fear repercussions

What is happening in Turin has surprised everyone due to the extent of the sanction that has hit the Juventus. An amazement at the amount of material brought by the Turin prosecutor’s office which is slowly turning into concern for future implications.

Penalty risk in Serie A – Calciomercato.it

After reading the reasons for the sentence, Juventus confirmed their willingness to appeal to the Coni Guarantee College with the intention of reversing the situation. A glimmer could be represented by the defect of form, but everything is still in the making. The most important phenomenon to be recorded in recent days, however, is that of a spreading fear within the Italian football system. The statements of senior politicians such as Matteo Salvini or the Minister of Sport Abodi they are a symptom of this fear. That’s what scares the clubs of A league.

Juve beaten, now Serie A fears repercussions for capital gains

Waiting to see what will happen to the Guarantee College at Coni, the Juventus stands with a -15 in the standings: now other clubs of A league they fear repercussions.

The penalty for Juventus scares Serie A
The logo of Juventus – Calciomercatoit

According to what was reported by ‘Tuttosport’, several Italian companies would be looking with fear at the story involving the ‘Old Lady’, because they too would have relied on capital gains for years to have less heavy budgets. Until the ruling involving Juventus, the federation had not taken such strong positions on this instrument and now the fear is that several other Serie A clubs may be involved. A cascade process which, little by little could affect many Italian companies. In short, it is not an easy moment for Italian football.

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