Juventus-Rome 1-0, the report cards: De Sciglio unexpected MVP, Veretout not only misses the penalty

Juventus-Rome 1-0

The Juventus report cards (by Marco Conterio)

Szczesny 7 Save the penalty in Veretout and it’s a redemption night. The many criticisms and the many errors, on evenings like this, seem like a memory. He has the icy coldness that is needed in these decisive moments to hypnotize the French.

Danilo 6.5 Travel faster than airplanes from South America: zippers, lots of substance on a heavy and ingenious trocar like that of Rome. He is an extraordinarily precious wild card for Juventus.

Bonucci 6.5 He takes a blow into the pit of the stomach to take your breath away, then recovers lungs, position, sensations and demonstrates why Allegri considers him a cornerstone of his new course.

Chiellini 6.5 A ball lost in a poisonous way, then shoulders and body and a closure of the head, in lateral foul, which is the fifth essence of joy: practicality, without thinking too much about flakes and marvelous tactics.

De Sciglio 7 The cross for Bentancur and Kean, who as a couple as in the comics score the goal of the advantage. A competition of substance and quality: the unexpected protagonist, in the evening of glory. (from 88 ‘Alex Sandro sv)

Square 6 Dance less than usual but the trips across the ocean have been felt on his legs. Once again against Vina, this time he prefers to pay attention to the point and open the field with delicious and functional swords.

Bentancur 6.5 Max, I took the plane. From South America to Turin, Bentancur is on one of those predestined evenings. Closures and insertions, there is the blessing of his leap into the skies on the goal of the advantage.

Locatelli 6 A competition of substance and geometry, with few peaks but few lows. When Arthur enters, he confronts the Brazilian to choose where to put himself and make the best of it. A collaboration that will bear fruit.

Bernardeschi 6.5 He does not play as an outsider, he does not play as a false nueve, this time he is a mezzala and here too he plays the role well. The U-turn is represented by the shower of applause at the moment of the change (dal 76′ Arthur 6 The importance of returning to the field, after the operation, after the wait. Back).

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Church 5.5 This time he is not in the center of the village and there is no case if not a day where the Roma defense was able to put the reins on him and engulf his extraordinary champion engine. (from 71 ‘Kulusevski 5.5 He enters to shock Juventus, to gallop in the open field. He fails to do so, not even this time, and one wonders if in the football of Allegri he is a fish out of water)

Kean 6.5 “What do I ask him? To score goals, it would be important.” Braids in the wind, Moise da Vercelli responds to the appeal of Allegri’s pre-competition. A heavy net, another step in his pursuit to convince the skeptics. (from 71 ‘Morata 6 The vote is more for the sensations and for the intensity it brings. It is never trivial and common to do it when you come back from an injury).

Allegri 6.5 Guess the formation and continue to win in Serie A. Even with many absences and with a team squeezed by South American travels, he takes Juventus in a complicated run-up to the top.

The report cards of Rome (by Antonino Sergi)

Rui Patricio 6 – He can’t do anything about Kean’s close header, warms up his gloves on Bernardeschi’s overhead kick. For the rest, he is never called into question by the Juventus forwards.

Karsdorp 6 – Sufficient performance for the Dutch full-back, initial difficulty against De Sciglio then manages to take measures. In the second half, however, he fails to push on the accelerator.

Mancini 6,5 – The best of the Giallorossi rearguard. He touches the goal at the start as a thoroughbred striker, then manages to close ranks in his own penalty area, conceding little to Chiesa.

Ibanez 5,5 – Close duel against Moise Kean, he tries to put his body into it but is mocked by the Juventus striker on the occasion of the advantage of the hosts by being surprised from behind.

Vina 6 – He is faced with a Cuadrado who pushes but often focuses, the Colombian is a complicated client. He pushes a lot in the left-handed lane, in the second half he also touches personal joy.

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Cristante 6 – He oversees his field area without too many difficulties, he dribbles well in midfield and always contrasts his teammate Locatelli on a regular basis.

Veretout 5 – It is not the usual Veretout. Calm rhythms, a few balls played in the middle of the field and then the episode of the penalty kick. The penalty that could have equalized the score in the first half fails. (Dal 81 ‘Shomurodov sv).

Zaniolo 6.5 – It could have been his game but he is stopped by bad luck, he starts well and with several interesting revs along the right lane in dialogue with Pellegrini. After twenty minutes he has to raise the white flag for a muscle problem. (Dal 26′ El Shaarawy 5 – Called immediately to enter the field, he does not affect the match by combining very little).

Pilgrims 6.5 – The game of Roma always passes from the right hand and the mind of the captain, sorts the balls for his teammates and takes care of all set kicks. Proof of personality and quality.

Mkhitaryan 6 – He starts to the left, after Zaniolo’s injury he moves along the opposite lane. At the end of the first half, then the penalty kick was also won, which was then failed by Veretout. It falls in the second half.

Abraham 6 – He was the big doubt on the eve of Roma, he takes the field from the first minute and takes charge of the Giallorossi in the first half. Drags, creates dangers and also scores in the convulsive episode that leads, however, to Veretout’s penalty. Accused of fatigue in the second half, he is not the same Abraham of the first fraction.

All. José Mourinho 6 – Roma approaches the match very well, fielding a balanced but offensive formation. However, bad luck immediately deprived him of Zaniolo who had started with his foot on the accelerator. He pays for the mistake from Veretout’s spot but the match is played on an equal footing in front of Juventus.



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