Juventus-Napoli case, Vigliotti reveals: “I’ll give you an exclusive news about the bianconeri!”

Gianluca Vigliotti, president of the Campania Region, spoke during the program Il Process, a program broadcast on 7 Gold.

The journalist Gianluca Vigliotti made some statements during the broadcast The process, program broadcast on the television station 7 Gold. Here are his words: “I give you an exclusive news. The Juventus there will be no civil action against the Naples. This is news that has not yet come out, at least no one has given that certainty that I am giving you this evening. Juventus consequently renounces any defense. We’ll see what the Sports Judge will decide on the possible 3-0 at the table. “

Gianluca Vigliotti, journalist, then added during the broadcast The process, program broadcast on the broadcaster 7 Gold: “Should Napoli have respected the protocol? Not so. The Neapolitans did not go to Turin because they were stopped by the ASL. Gennaro Gattuso and his men were ready to leave. The ASL decision is understandable. Napoli has against a team, Genoa, which had twenty-two positives at Covid-19, a unique case in Europe “.

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