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We made our lives more difficult, yet we had started very well. We then had a lack of attention on their first goal and we had a tiring game. Too bad because we could have better managed our forces. In the field, we had young people who were living their first experience, so a few moments of inattention can happen“. This is what Andrea Pirlo in an interview with Rai Sport after the Italian Cup match against Genoa. “This tournament is a goal, it was important to win. Now let’s get our strength back to get to the game against Inter“.

Kulusevski?He is young, he only played in a championship with the big boys, he came from the Primavera. The jump is difficult, it does good things, it has its ups and downs right now. He must have more continuity and be more aggressive in front of goal“.

Young people ?They played a good game. Dragusin is very interesting. He has been training with us for a few months. He has a lot of room for improvement, he’s a player we are counting on“.


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