Juventus fans celebrate the approaching departure of Rabiot to Manchester United

Italian press reports said that some Juventus fans celebrated the imminent departure of midfielder Adrien Rabiot, who is about to move to Manchester United, to end his relationship with Juve, as he has never had a good relationship with Juve fans.

Today, Rabiot is one of the club’s highest-earning players, earning €7 million per season plus up to another €2 million in performance-related bonuses.

Football Italia reported that some fans online had made prayers and prayers in the hope that the move would continue and not be disrupted, while others asked if Manchester United would be kind to not only keep him off their hands, but give them money as well.

The cost of the deal is expected to range between 20-25 million euros.

And Rabiot failed to leave a strong imprint with Juventus, after moving from Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2019, despite playing under the leadership of 3 different coaches for the old lady..

And the network, “Sky Sport” Italy, said that the agreement was made between Manchester United and the player, especially that Juve settled on the approval because Rabiot remains in his contract for one year with Juventus and does not want him to leave for free next summer..

It is worth noting that Eric Ten Hag, coach of Manchester United, achieved a negative number that has not been achieved since 2014 in the English Premier League during the Brighton match, which ended with the fall of the Red Devils 2-1 in the first round of the Premier League..

And according to Opta, the global network specialized in global football numbers and statistics, Eric ten Hag is the first United coach to lose the inaugural league since Louis van Gaal in 2014 against Swansea City..

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