Juventus: Dybala furious, discussion with a manager

Moments of great nervousness for Paulo Dybala at the end of the match on Saturday night between Crotone and the Juventus. The Argentine striker took a seat on the bench for the entire 90 minutes of the matchEzio Scida: the choice of Andrea Pirlo it was not digested by Joya, that after the race he would discuss with Fabio Paratici in the changing room tunnel.

According to reports from Tuttosport, Dybala would have demonstrated to the sporting director of the bianconeri lto his dissatisfaction for not entering the field. The player came from one troubled week in South America, when some intestinal problems had put him out of action for Argentina matches, but on Saturday he felt ready to make his debut in Pirlo’s new Juve.

A background that if confirmed would increase the rumors of a possible divorce della Joya in 2021: the agreement for the renewal of the player’s contract is still a long way off and the negotiations are proceeding slowly.

Dybala was also the protagonist of a social case, when he unleashed the storm on Twitter after liking a consideration expressed by a journalist from the Gazzetta dello Sport: “I wonder what sense it made having brought Dybala to Crotone, if not to make him put minutes in the legs. If he was not in a position to play, was it no longer logical to leave him in Turin to train? ”. Joya realized the mistake and then removed the “heart”, but too late.

Pirlo after the match motivated the decision to leave him out: β€œHe trained for ten minutes yesterday, he came from an intestinal virus. There was no occasion for him to play ”.

OMNISPORT | 18-10-2020 18:45

Juventus: Dybala furious, discussion with a manager Fonte: Getty Images


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