Juve-Napoli, there is a contradictory aspect of the ASL: two decisions are conflicting

Today’s edition of The Corriere della Sera try to take stock of the Juve-Napoli case, underlining an aspect linked to the behavior of the ASL within the affair, relating to the decision to send the players to sleep at home after Zielinski’s positivity: “If – for various reasons, including the lack of an adequate structure, as it was for Napoli – the club wants to send the players home, it is necessary to obtain the authorization of the ASL. Alternatively, the protocol is violated. “had Napoli? When it was discovered that Zielinski was positive, on Friday afternoon, the players were already at home. On Saturday they went to Castel Volturno to undergo swabs in drive-in mode and then went back to sleep in their homes,” without leaving for Turin. But it seems contradictory that ASL may have authorized on the one hand a lightening of the protocol (the ok to sleep at home) and on the other a tightening of the same (no to the game) “.

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