Juve-Napoli, slow motion: was there rigor on Chiesa and Zielinski?

The referee Mariani does not blow the whistle in either case, leaving more than a few doubts

Missing a penalty on each side, in the first 45 ‘of Juventus-Napoli. At 34 ‘the referee Mariani does not punish an imprudent intervention by Lozano in a slip on Chiesa. The Juventus player, when he is fouled, is just over the bottom line, but the regulation is clear: if a starting player commits an offense punishable by a direct free kick and the point of the ground. closest game is the line of the area (this is the case in question), resumed with a penalty kick for the opposing team. The question is: why does the Var Di Paolo not intervene? Mariani is not close to the action, there seem to be all the extremes for a “serious missed incident”, as mentioned in the protocol.

Down Zielinski

At 45 ‘it is instead Napoli to protest, when Zielinski falls after a “soccer” by Alex Sandro. The contact is clear, but this time the referee is close to what has happened and makes sweeping gestures with his hands, as if to say “there is nothing”. The doubt remains: if it is true that Alex Sandro almost immediately retracts the left leg with which he goes to impact the opponent, the trip seems sufficient to bring down Zielinski. In this case, however, the Var has little margin, because Mariani evaluates the intensity of the episode on the pitch.

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