“Juve-Napoli? I’m starting to put on a diaper …”

Kekko, well-known singer of the Modà group, a Napoli fan, spoke to the microphones of “I Tirapietre”, a program conducted by Luca Cirillo and Donato Martucci, on the frequencies of Radio Amore Campania: “Positive after Napoli-Genoa? It is not clear how it is possible that Ibra also played, trained and tested positive and the whole team negative. The strange thing are the eight positives after Perin’s positivity. The protocols are quite true and must be respected. I believe in the good faith of the Ligurian team in this case. New recording project? A new single has just been released, there is still nothing sure about the project. We have postponed the tour to next year, not we will come to Naples, but we are close to Eboli. We will do Campania anyway. Duets, who have I found better with? I lost a friend, Paul Dones, the singer of Jarabe de Palo, I went for a vacation with my partner in Spain. I heard a song that I liked very much and I went back to Italy talking about him, they told me he was already famous, but I hardly listen to the radio. I bought the records of Pau, until in 2011, with that famous Sanremo, I even reached the stadiums and there it was a moment he did i the diamond disc, seven singles were extracted and our record company wanted to do the eighth single. I chose Paul Dones, he was my idol, I never thought he would accept. He arrived in Milan, we duet, it was a great emotion. When he got sick I always went to see him. I was born and raised in Milan, but I’m Neapolitan, my grandparents are from Sant’Antimo. My dad had eleven brothers and he brought one son at a time to Milan, my grandfather also took them to sleep in dormitories. My father met my mother and worked at the Polytechnic, the members of the Cral gave the opportunity to buy a house in the suburbs and my childhood was beautiful, in the country. I’ve never lacked for anything, but not in wealth. Naples? We need to thin out the squad, I like it very much, but Koulibaly must remain. Gattuso has brought back a mental and tactical balance which is fundamental. Osimhen? It’s a purchase that was needed, he doesn’t play with his back to goal, but in depth, he didn’t score, but in Parma he changed the game and against Genoa we scored six goals. Juventus-Naples? I struggle, it’s the game I feel the most, I start putting on a diaper on Wednesday, we could understand against them that Naples is this year. They have exceptional champions in the team, they can win games on their own, let’s not get over it. ”

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