Juve-Napoli, 3-0 less likely. Clash over penalization

The “ghost match” continues to generate controversy Juventus-Naples, still sub iudice after the decision of the sports judge not to approve, for now, the 3-0 at the table in favor of the Bianconeri asking for an additional investigation.

The odds increase the blue club avoids defeat at the table: according to Corriere della Sera, the hypothesis is gaining ground of a penalty of one or more points in the standings for the violation of the Covid protocol, while the match will be rescheduled, and then played, later.

The hypothesis of one penalty it is currently strongly opposed by Neapolitan society. “Napoli will not accept even minor penalties“, Lawyer Mattia Grassani told Corriere dello Sport.

“Napoli believes they can be on the side of reason and a large part of the scientific community seems to have understood the reasons for choosing the club, oriented towards respect for the Local Health Authority and to protect the health of citizens. And then it is enough to read the provision of the Asl Napoli, which prohibits the trip to Turin for public health reasons, to get a complete idea of ​​the story. Wait? We will know next week ”.

“Napoli – continues Grassani – thinks you have acted in total fairness, and is ready to demonstrate it in the competent offices. Leaving would have determined the commission of a crime, foreseen and punished by article 650 of the penal code, as well as endangering a multitude of subjects. Imagine what could have happened if Napoli had gone to Turin anyway, against the provisions of the ASL, and today an outbreak of similar dimensions to the one that unfortunately developed within Genoa had emerged ”.

The president is a fighter, he studies every paper of the procedure and will be at the forefront to demonstrate the correctness of the company’s actions until the end “.

OMNISPORT | 07-10-2020 10:08

Juve-Napoli, 3-0 less likely.  Clash over penalization Fonte: Getty Images


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