Juve-Milan, idea of ​​exchange: Bernardeschi for Romagnoli

Both expiring with their respective clubs in 2022, they could change shirts at the end of the season: a hypothesis of exchange is being considered.

There will be two magic words for executives in view of the summer market session: ingenuity and creativity. Those who vote for the party of fantasy will do better, focusing exclusively on corporate sustainability. Because, beyond the sporting sphere, the clubs find themselves having to deal – in the true sense of the term – with their own destiny. So, no madness and (healthy) realism.

Juventus e Milan, committed to achieving the qualification mission for the next Champions League, they have begun to plan their respective strategies between current events and the future.

The bianconeri, after a failed season across the board, are called upon to considerably review the staff. All this, carefully evaluating the position of Andrea Pirlo. While the Rossoneri’s attention is mainly focused on renewals, with absolute priority being given to Gigio Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu, both expiring in June.

Shifting the focus a little further, however, one shouldn’t underestimate the positions of Federico Bernardeschi (fresh from COVID-19 positivity) e Alessio Romagnoli.

The first, less and less central in the projects of Madam, could dive into a new professional adventure with the aim of relaunching. The second, for its part, in the thoughts of the Devil no longer appears as essential as in the best of times. In short, from captain to transferable.

All the more so considering how, with the passing of the months, the extension did not arrive and the performance of Tomori (whose redemption is becoming one of the Rosssoneri’s market priorities for the next football season) has been increasingly convincing. The same speech involving Juventus’ 33, also linked by a contractual relationship in place until 2022, with no renewal hypothesis currently on the table.

Hence, even if not yet in depth, the idea of ​​Juve and Milan: to verify the feasibility of a potential exchange. However, to develop this trace it is necessary – first of all – to surgically analyze the figures. But the feeling, and perhaps a little more, is that both the technical objective and the economic objective tease the Turin-Milan axis and not a little.

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Bernardeschi, who arrived in the shadow of the Mole in the summer of 2017 from Fiorentina for 40 million, recorded a residual amortization of 11.8 million. On the Romagnoli front, who landed at Milan from Rome in August 2015 for 25 million, we must consider the clause stipulated with the Giallorossi at the time of the definition of the operation: in the event of a sale, in fact, the Rossoneri must pay the Capitoline an equal amount 30% of the value exceeding 25 million.

Moving on to the turf, moreover, the reasons for this eventual deal are certainly not lacking. In the event of a white smoke, Juve would ensure the right profile in terms of design to replace Giorgio Chiellini: made in Italy, left-handed, in the height of professional maturity. Just like Bernardeschi, thinking about the idea of ​​football proposed by Stefano Pioli, could become an interesting rotation on the offensive front. Everyone happy? Probably yes, especially the agent of the two players: Mino Raiola.


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