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The next day everything is clearer and you don’t even need to wait long, because already at 8 in the morning the owners officially announce who will be the new president, Gianluca Ferrero, Exor manager with consolidated experience, man of business and finance, man of accounts. John Elkann himself chose and indicated him, as well as the new general manager, already in office since the earthquake, i.e. Maurizio Scanavino, also from Turin and obviously from Juventus, also a long-time trusted collaborator of the number one, who entrusted him top roles in the publishing field (he studied and implemented the integration of two giants such as Repubblica and Stampa) and now he is asking him to put his hand on another family jewel, just on the eve of the centenary of the Agnelli property.

It is a step that leads very far from Andrea Agnelli’s Juventus, we can already say that, without needing to know the rest of the next board of directors or who will then be the managing director. It is a step that definitively takes her away from the past, it is difficult to imagine seeing Luciano Moggi still toasting in the grandstand during matches in the future. Already in 2006, as soon as Calciopoli broke out, the lawyer’s then young nephew (chosen by Gianni Agnelli himself to succeed him) publicly and blatantly distanced himself from Moggi’s management, as well as the subsequent defensive strategy of the club. The advent of Andrea Agnelli and his strenuous battle to rewrite the Calciopoli years have somehow brought Moggi closer to the public life of Juventus, even without any official assignment, especially in the early years, the advice from a “neighbor” was often listened to by the young Juventus president. That time has now definitively faded away.

Today there is a Juventus that will probably have to defend itself once again in court – and another sporting investigation has just become public – and that thinks it is easier to do it with men other than those who have guided it in this continuous race to lose, at least in the budget, above all that it is better to do it with men who are themselves free from accusations. This is why the resignations were agreed with the owners, if not actually pushed by them. The allegations are known and serious and, as if that weren’t enough, the disputed facts (from false accounting to false corporate communications) have served no purpose other than to accumulate losses: from -19.2 million in 2018 in 4 years Juventus went to -254 million in 2022, not yet approved by the shareholders’ meeting, precisely because of the disputes raised by Consob, which the club has taken steps to remedy (on 27 December it should finally get the ok, after 2 postponements).

After the appointments, there will be yet another injection of capital. The holes must be covered and the greatest guarantee for the fans is precisely the economic capacity of the property, Juventus, which survived Calciopoli, will also survive this earthquake, whatever the sporting consequences may be (an investigation can start again here too). Allegri’s immediate future is not in question today, it cannot be with such a temporary and expiring management, but it is also too early to say that his position (and that of Cherubini) are stronger, that Max has already become an English manager. Having put the accounts in order, established if and how he will have to defend himself in court, the new Juve will then worry about attacking on the pitch. And then that day the name of Alex Del Piero could also appear, whom the whole Juventus world has been claiming and regretting since the day he left. Indeed, that he was sent away.

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