Juve-capital gains, the PM: ‘New calciopoli? Closed investigation, we will move everything to sports justice. The interceptions … ‘| First page

The investigation of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office on the capital gains of the Juventus which led to the formalization of the accusations of false accounting and bogus invoices charged to the entire Juventus management can wreak havoc within the Italian football system.

THE FIGC ASKED THE ACTS – The Football Federation asked the prosecutor for information on the investigation and on the material purchased during the search and the public prosecutors immediately expressed their willingness to cooperate. The same prosecutors, intercepted by journalists following today’s hearing of the Arrivabne ad, released some jokes that do not remove shadows on the entire Serie A and direct question on the departure of “a new Calciopoli” the investigators only replied that all the material will be passed to the FIGC prosecutor’s office.

SICK SYSTEM – Marco Gianoglio, Ciro Santoriello and Mario Bendoni are the three prosecutors who are carrying out the investigations and these statements have come from sources related to the building: “The system that emerges from the telephone wiretapping of Juventus managers is a sick system. The criminal investigation is practically closed, but inwe will send you all the documents to the sports prosecutor’s office that we have collected and not only on the Juventus team. New calciopoli? We deal with crimes, this is an assessment that those involved in sporting offenses will have to make “.

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